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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Library and Archives: 2013 Accessions

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  • William Henry Bennett, gardener: notes from a series of lectures on organography and systematic botany 1879 (PrP 13-0031)
  • Henry Robert Cocker, horticulturalist: corresp, photographs, working papers, lecture notes, autobiographical notes c1920-1990 (PrP 13-0007)
  • Frank Nigel Hepper, botanist: additional papers rel to Silene Nutans Linn, typescript accounts of expeditions to Holy Land, corresp, notes on cedars, collecting notebooks, papers regarding expeditions in West Africa 1950-1999 (PrP 13-0001, PrP 13-0003, PrP 13-0023, PrP 13-0032)
  • Charles Edward Hubbard, botanist, gardener: additional corresp 1972-1973 (PrP 13-0028)
  • Christopher Roy Fraser-Jenkins, botanist: index of Herbarium specimens 1957-2013 (PrP 13-0030)
  • Ronald William John Keay, botanist: corresp, papers and photographs rel to the genus Aloe 1959-1966 (PrP 13-0021)
  • Patricia Lewis, botanist: corresp, photographs, research notes on Flora of Montebello Islands, botanical sketches c1950-1959 (PrP 13-0006)
  • Robert Desmond Meikle, botanist: bound first draft 'Index of Author Abbreviations: Flowering Plants' c1965-1976 (PrP 13-0009)
  • Charles Russell Metcalfe, botanist: corresp 1961-1992 (PrP 13-0018)
  • Charles Jacques Edouard Morren, botanist, editor and director of Jardin Botanique de l'Universite de Liege: corresp 1874 (PrP 13-0022)
  • Paul Westmacott Richards, botanist: collecting labels from expedition to Xavantina, Brazil 1967-1968 (PrP 13-0014)
  • Edward Armitage Robinson, sculptor, botanist, educationalist: lists of specimens collected and distributed c1960-1967 (PrP 13-0034)
  • Jacob Christian Schaffer, Fellow of the Royal Society, botanist and inventor: corresp 1765-1766 (PrP 13-0019)
  • Sarah Smith, botanist: collecting notebooks rel to specimens collected in Kenya 2000 (PrP 13-0025)
  • Phytochemical Society of Europe: additional corresp, minutes, proceedings, abstracts from symposia and meetings, photographs, membership details, awards and grants information, publication information, conference organisation notes c1970-2010 (PrP 13-0033)
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: papers rel to the Boris Alexander Krukoff seed collection 1972-1994 (QX 13-0022)