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National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections: 2013 Accessions

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  • Gladstone family, baronets, of Fasque: family papers incl those of Sir Thomas Gladstone (1804-1889) 1822-1929 (Acc.13414)
  • Alison Fell, poet and novelist: further literary papers c1991-2012 (Acc.13438)
  • Ron Butlin, writer and journalist: additional literary papers 2001-2012 (Acc.13400)
  • Joyce Gunn Cairns, portrait painter: additional corresp (Acc.13395)
  • Regi Claire, author: literary papers 1995-2012 (Acc.13397)
  • Jo Clifford, playwright: personal and literary papers 1966-2013 (Acc.13458)
  • Elizabeth Bacon Custer, wife of General Armstrong Custer: diary of a visit to Scotland 1891 (Acc.13382)
  • Gavin Buchanan Ewart, poet: further literary papers c1932-1995 (Acc.13410)
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay, poet: corresp and art work 1970-2006 (Acc.13394)
  • Alec Finlay, artist, poet and publisher: further records of Studio Alec Finlay 2000-2012 (Acc.13459)
  • Alasdair James Gray, author and artist: further literary papers c1989-2012 (Acc.13416)
  • Andrew Greig, author and mountaineer: further literary papers 2000-2013 (Acc.13460)
  • James Halliday, author, historian and politician: political papers incl minute books of the National Party of Scotland 1928-1934 and of the Scottish National Party 1956-1968 1928-2005 (Acc.13417)
  • James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, MP: further papers 1947-1994 (Acc.13405)
  • William Hannan, politician: misc papers c1945-1974 (Acc. 13391)
  • Peter Hodgkiss, mountaineer and publisher: climbing journals, corresp and working papers incl material rel to the Ernest Press 1965-2009 (Acc.13345)
  • Sue Innes, writer and feminist campaigner: further papers (Acc.13434)
  • Angela Lemaire, artist, author and poet: additional literary papers and artwork 1965-2011 (Acc.13375)
  • Lady Henrietta Liston, wife of Sir Robert Liston: letters to James Jackson 1796-1802 (Acc.13465)
  • James Ramsay MacDonald, statesman: corresp with Bailie George Kerr of Glasgow c1895-1938 (Acc.13461)
  • Ian McKee, physician and politician: digital diaries 2007-2011 (Acc.13378)
  • Colonel George Miller, 95th Rifles: letters 1804-1828 (Acc.13463)
  • Joseph Moffett, minister of Crown Court Church of Scotland, Covent Garden: papers 1867-1980 (Acc.13467)
  • Major William Baird Ogilvy, Royal Artillery: diaries 1851-1881 (Acc.13415)
  • Richard Price, literary editor and poet: letters to Edwin Morgan 2003-2009 (Acc.13384)
  • Sir Walter Scott, poet and novelist: annotated draft of 'The Pibroch of Donuil Dhu' 1816 (Acc.13426)
  • Janet Buchanan Adam Smith, author and journalist: letters from Beatrix Heelis Potter, Osbert Lancaster, John Masefield and others 1933-1988 (Acc.13396)
  • Samuel Robin Spark, artist: papers incl letters of his mother Muriel Spark 1961-2006 (Acc.13443)
  • James Sutherland, missionary in Nyasaland: journal 1880-1885 (Acc.13411)
  • Ruth Thomas, author: literary papers c1990-2012 (Acc.13389)
  • Sylvia Thompson, friend of William Sydney Graham: literary papers c1966-2008 (Acc.13390)
  • Gael Lundin Turnbull, poet and doctor: letters from Basil Bunting 1957-1985 (Acc.13429)
  • John Wilson, author as Christopher North: family corresp, diary and verse 1798-1854 (Acc.13436)
  • Monks of St Giles, literary society, Edinburgh: records 1852-1964 (Acc.13470)