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Ceredigion Archives: 2013 Accessions

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  • Phillip Davies, police constable: notebook documenting beats patrolled, mine accidents and ac case of bestiality, as well as his demotion in 1861 for "irregular conduct" c1857-1861 (ADX/1405)
  • North Cardiganshire Silver Lead Mining Co: register of subscribers 1881 (DB/95)
  • Padarn Dairy: accounts, ledger recording herd management, photograph c1890-1954 (ADX/1399)
  • Aberaeron Womens Institute: minute books, account books, subscription book, register 1933-1995 (D/WI/AAE)
  • Aberarth Womens Institute: minute book 1968-1974 (D/WI/ABA)
  • Aberystwyth Athletics Club: records (DSO/147)
  • Aberystwyth Football Club: records (DSO/146)
  • Borth Womens Institute: minutes 1967-1999 (D/WI/BOR)
  • Bronant Womens Institute: account book 1985-1988 (D/WI/BRN)
  • Caerwedros Womens Institute: records 1918-2012 (D/WI/CAW)
  • Clarach Womens Institute: minute book, account books 1962-1992 (D/WI/CLA)
  • Coedybryn Womens Institute: minute books, annual reports 1924-1957 (D/WI/CYB)
  • Comins Coch Womens Institute: minute books, account book 1946-1998 (D/WI/COM)
  • Dyfed County Council, Cultural Services Department: consent forms, misc papers and transcripts of interviews about working on the railways in Cardiganshire oral history project (DYC/CS/6)
  • Gorsgoch Womens Institute: minute book 1978-1987 (D/WI/GRG)
  • Llanbadarn Fawr Womens Institute: minute books, record books, account book 1970-1994 (D/WI/LBF)
  • Llandygwydd Womens Institute: record books, account books 1965-1993 (D/WI/LDG)
  • Llangrannog Womens Institute: minute books, programmes, financial statements, photographs 1927-2004 (D/WI/LGR)
  • Llanilar Womens Institute: albums containing photographs and other items recording branch activities 1981-2011 (D/WI/LIR)
  • Llanybydder Womens Institute: minute book 1926-1929 (D/WI/LBY)
  • Llechryd Womens Institute: minute books 1927-1956 (D/WI/LCH)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Welsh Department: cricket team records incl scoring books 1949-1967 (DSO/140)
  • Mynach Womens Institute: minute book, record book 1938-1951 (D/WI/MYN)
  • National Eisteddfod: Aberystwyth: minutes, programmes, sample of printed items (e.g. tickets), stationery and other misc paperwork c1952 (D/EIS/14)
  • Parcllyn Womens Institute: minute book, subscription book 1976-1988 (D/WI/PRL)
  • Penparc Womens Institute: record books 1938-1957 (D/WI/PPA)
  • Penparcau National School, Aberystwyth: log books, menus of food served in canteen (1952-1964) 1908-1989 (PNP/X/1)
  • Penuwch Womens Institute: record book, account book 1968-1978 (D/WI/PNU)
  • Prengwyn Womens Institute: minutes, record books, account books 1979-1991 (D/WI/PRG)
  • Rhydlewis Womens Institute: account books, bank statements, programmes 1966-2012 (D/WI/RHL)
  • Trefilan Womens Institute: minute books 1924-1960 (D/WI/TFI)
  • Tregaron Pony-Trekking Association: records 1964-1966 (DSO/145)
  • Tresaith Womens Institute: minute book 1938-1953 (D/WI/TRS)
  • Ynyslas Military Camp: photographs of combined MV Comaroux II and Ynyslas Camp football teams 1940s (ADX/1389)
  • Ystwyth Womens Institute: minute books 1961-1994 (D/WI/YSW)