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Leeds University Library, Special Collections: 2013 Accessions

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  • Perronet-Thompson family: corresp and other records 1750-2000 (SPCOLL/2013/70)
  • Simon Armitage, poet and writer: manuscripts of poems, corresp and papers 1999-2013 (SPCOLL/2013/33)
  • Michael Bateman, writer: drafts of books, manuscript notebooks, diaries, papers and other records 1857-2004 (SPCOLL/2013/45)
  • Michael Etherton, director: papers rel to African theatre incl corresp, manuscripts, journals and other records 1960-1989 (SPCOLL/2013/49)
  • Erich Langstadt: manuscript paper rel to Langstadt's book 'Tertullian's Doctrine of Sin' c1953 (SPCOLL/2013/73)
  • Stanley Martin: notebooks, magazines, newspaper cuttings and theses rel to The Troubles in Northern Ireland 1955-2004 (SPCOLL/2013/93)
  • Mathie Bill, editor and secretary to the School of Medicine, University of Leeds: minutes, papers, photographs and other records 1892-2003 (SPCOLL/2013/126)
  • John Percivale Moody, actor, director and designer: personal and working papers 1918-1996 (SPCOLL/2013/14)
  • Nell Moody (nee Burra), soprano: personal and work papers 1918-1996 (SPCOLL/2013/14)
  • Antony Rowland, poet and professor of literary studies: draft manuscripts and research papers 1983-2010 (SPCOLL/2013/41, SPCOLL/2013/109)
  • Richard Leslie Townhill, translator: corresp, newsletters and photographs rel to Townhill's internment in the First World War 1912-1965 (SPCOLL/2013/16)
  • Patricia Tyrell, novelist: notebooks, photographs and manuscript of the novel 'A Lion in a Secret Place' 1958-2013 (SPCOLL/2013/31)
  • Bradford Society of Friends: minutes, files, ledgers and other records 1976-2003 (SPCOLL/2013/88)
  • British Education Index: minutes, corresp, finance and other papers 1977-2012 (SPCOLL/2013/111)
  • Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association, Leeds: corresp, family trees, transcripts of interviews 2008-2013 (SPCOLL/2013/56)
  • Anthony Thwaite, writer and poet: corresp, draft poems, notebooks, financial papers, journals and other records c1950-2013 (SPCOLL/2013/25)