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Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House: 2013 Accessions

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  • Sir Hamilton John Goold-Adams, colonial governor: corresp, papers and photographs rel to Africa, Australia and Cyprus and to personal matters 19th-21st cent (5406 MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 590)
  • Malcolm Bolton, doctor: diaries and papers rel to medical service in Malaya and with World Health Organisation in the Maldives, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Fiji c1940-2006 (8376)
  • Timothy Graham Brierly, soldier and administrator: diaries and photographs rel to military career in Palestine and Egypt, colonial service in Northern Nigeria and Tanganyika, and corresp rel to his memoirs 1946-2006 (9444)
  • Jeremy Murray-Brown, writer: research papers rel to Jomo Kenyatta incl translations of corresp and interviews c1920-1979 (9469)
  • John Latto Farquharson Buist, Civil Servant: papers rel to career in the Colonial Service, Ministry of Overseas Development and PLAN, esp rel to Commission on East African Co-operation c1950-2012 (7165)
  • Ian Buxton, auditor: papers an auditor in Uganda with the Colonial Audit Service, later Overseas Audit Service, incl reports on municipal, district and other institutional audits c1960-1979 (9448 MSS. Afr. s. 2511)
  • RTB Cowan, postal and telephone engineer: photographs of installation of telephone lines and equipment in Ghana, with ephemera rel to Ghanaian independence celebrations c1951-1960 (8532 MSS. Afr. s. 2508)
  • Thomas Dailly, researcher: biographical information on governors and acting governors of British colonies in Africa 21st cent (9484 MSS. Afr. s. 2512)
  • Vernon Dawson, civil servant in Malaya: diaries, letters and papers rel to work for the Malay Civil Service c1940-1976 (8175)
  • Kenneth Dean, architect: albums of photographs, maps, letters and plans rel to his work and travel in Nigeria and drafts of his views on aid, consultancy and planning for education overseas 20th cent (7072)
  • Evelyn Mary Foxley, nurse: papers rel to her work nursing for the Universities Mission to Central Africa, based in Tanganyika, incl journals, corresp, articles, notes and photographs c1930-1939 (7104)
  • Hubert Tyler Harrington, administrator: memoirs rel to his life in Africa, incl emigration to South Africa, travel to Mtabeleland and administration and service during First World War (1890-1918) 1938 (7215)
  • Margaret Rosary Haswell, rural economist: academic papers rel to agriculture, population and economics in Africa and Asia c1950-1999 (9494)
  • George Frederic Howard, engineer: diary (1933-1934) rel to work with the Gold Coast Railways, Sekondi, with photographs and corresp from staff 1915-1959 (7069, 7326)
  • Alfred Barnholt Hughes, sisal planter: letters (14) describing journey to East Africa and plantation work there 1925-1927 (8293)
  • John Rice Francis Mills, warden of the Ugandan National Parks: papers incl notebook on safaris in Bunyoro and North West Uganda, notes and slides 1949-1952 (8440)
  • Colin Murray, anthropologist: papers rel to research on southern Africa, rel mainly to books on medicine murders and on 'Black Mountain' (Orange Free State) c1970-2010 (9487)
  • Flora Shaw, Lady Lugard, Colonial Editor of the Times: corresp, personal and working papers and material rel to the Jameson Raid and the Boer War 19th-20th cent (5781 MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 590)
  • Margaret Stanton, political campaigner: papers rel to Birmingham and Oxford Anti-Apartheid groups incl minutes, cuttings and leaflets incl material about Namibia c1960-2008 (7721)
  • Peg Sunley, of Malawi: diaries and audio cassettes rel to life in Nyasaland/Malawi 1951-2006 (8221)
  • Horace Waller, writer on Africa: letters to James Steward reminiscing about Africa and discussing anti-slavery movement c1865-1881 (8442)
  • Edward Rupert Zenthon, surveyor: papers rel to Colonial Survey Service work in Uganda 1951-1953 (7078)
  • Photographs issued by military sources and the Kenya Information Office rel to Second World War in Africa and the Middle East, collected by Robert Fittall, editor, East African Standard 1939-1945 (8805 MSS. Brit. Emp. r. 32)
  • Copy sermon preached by Rev Sam Wells, St Martin in the Fields, for memorial service for Nelson Mandela, with order of service 2013 (9492 MSS. Afr. s. 2513)