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Three women linking arms. Cat ref: Coal 80/673/013 Accessions to repositories
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Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Western Manuscripts: 2013 Accessions

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  • Gore-Booth family, baronets, of Lissadill: family, diplomatic, political and personal papers of Patricia Gore-Booth 20th-21st cent (Acc 9423)
  • Giles Barber, librarian: corresp and papers incl material rel to bookbinding 20th-21st cent (Acc 9101)
  • James Basire, engraver: personal journal, with inserted notes on the architect John Carter 1813-1819 (7785)
  • Alan Bennett, author and playwright: additional literary and personal papers with audio-visual material 20th-21st cent (Acc 7960)
  • Charles Bruce Chatwin, writer: additional literary papers incl notes, drafts and typescripts 20th cent (Acc 7260)
  • Stan Cornford, assistant director to the Meteorological Office: papers rel to climate change and specifically to the UN World Meteorological Organisation and the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Convention on Climate Change 20th-21st cent (Acc 9411)
  • David John Moore Cornwell, writer, pseudonym John Le Carre: additional literary papers rel mainly to recent books (The Mission Song, A Most Wanted Man, Our Kind of Traitor) with some partial drafts rel to earlier works 20th-21st cent (Acc 7392)
  • Frederick Augustus Dixey, physiologist: letters to Dixey from various correspondents 19th-20th cent (Acc 7106)
  • Sir Michael Anthony Eardley Dummett, philosopher: additional academic papers 20th-21st cent (Acc 9418)
  • Ralph Warren Victor Elliott, professor of English, runologist: papers 20th cent (Acc 9432)
  • Arthur Lehman Goodhart, Academic Lawyer: additional corresp, annotated books rel to Richard M Nixon, notes rel to Nixon, the law and the Middle East 20th cent (Acc 9420)
  • John Edward Poynder Grigg, journalist and biographer: corresp and papers incl some material rel to his father, 1st Baron Altrincham 20th-21st cent (Acc 8907)
  • Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine, MP: additional corresp and papers, from Haymarket Publishing offices 20th-21st cent (Acc 8906)
  • Joseph Hobson, of London: commonplace book recording debates, resolutions and acts of the Council of State, Parliament and the Army, with details of MPs sitting in the Long Parliament and Cromwell's Parliament and some notes on contemporary events c1650-1680 (Acc 9457)
  • David George Hogarth, Arab Historian and archaeologist: diary rel to travel in Turkey 1890 (Acc 9496)
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins, poet: revised drafts of his poem 'Binsey Poplars' 1897 (MS. Eng c. 8235)
  • John Hughes, author and artist: letters (7) to Harriet Thayer, incl letters from Barcelona, Rome and Naples; sketches recording a journey in France and Spain (180) 1817-1833 (Acc 7510 & Acc 9499)
  • Dame Louise Napier Johnson, biochemist and crystallographer: papers incl laboratory notebooks, corresp, lab progress reports and audio-visual materials 20th-21st cent (Acc 7132, 9421)
  • Bronwen Loder, scientist, Human Genome Organisation: corresp and papers 20th cent (Acc 9279)
  • Sir Clements Robert Markham, geographer and historian: amended and corrected author's copy of his 'A Life of the Great Lord Fairfax' 19th cent (Acc 7957)
  • Donald Newton, United Nations Official: additional papers rel to United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration and International Refugee Organisation c1940-1999 (Acc 9433)
  • Emma Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, MP and MEP: additional papers (28 boxes) rel to AMAR International Charitable Foundation 20th-21st cent (Acc 7077)
  • Carola Mary Anima Oman, wife of Sir Gerald Lenanton, writer: corresp and papers incl material rel to her literary work, with artwork and photographs, and some Oman family material 19th-20th cent (Acc 9303)
  • William Henry Fox Talbot, MP pioneer of photography: corresp and papers incl family diaries and papers, early photographic images by Talbot and contemporaries 19th cent (Acc 9097)
  • Nikolaas Tinbergen, ethologist: corresp with Bryan Nelson, ornithologist c1958-1980 (Acc 9489)
  • Ivor C Treby, poet and author: research papers and corresp incl material rel to Michael Field 20th-21st cent (Acc 9100)
  • John Barrington Wain, novelist poet literary critic: letters and postcards to Marianne Uffenheimer, his first wife 20th cent (Acc 7081)
  • Luttrell Wynne, rector of St Erne: notebook travelling from Harlem to Antwerp incl material rel to business 1770 (Acc 7782)
  • Clutag Press, Thame: additional records incl material rel to recent publications and misc additions to earlier series 21st cent (Acc 8211)
  • Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (later Oxfam): additional records comprising digitised video material and project files 20th-21st cent (Acc 7076 & ACC 9470)
  • Oxford University Society of Change Ringers: records 19th-21st cent (Acc 9099)
  • The Radcliffe Trust, charitable endowment, Oxford: administrative records rel mainly to the Radcliffe Library incl catalogues, letter books and building plans; additional papers incl deeds, minutes and financial records 17th-21st cent (Acc 9337 & Acc 9486)
  • Royal Greenwich Observatory: astronomical plates (205 crates) 19th-20th cent
  • Essays on wit and humour, and on Don Quixote (2 vols), possibly by Rev Dr Luttrell Wynne 18th cent (Acc 7511)
  • Copy of pleadings in Rome rel to the divorce of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon 17th cent (MS Don. C. 207)
  • Anonymous unpublished play, "The Poor Relation", on contemporary attitudes to poverty 1862 (Acc 9490)
  • Manuscript poetry miscellany by members of the Bate and Peart families and others, probably near Stamford, Lincolnshire 1768-1770 (Acc 9491)