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Wellcome Library: 2013 Accessions

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  • Dorothea Margaret Addison, nurse: memoirs rel to work as a nurse at Lambeth Hospital in the 1940s 1940-1949 (MS.8853)
  • Roger Edward Collingwood Altounyan, physician and specialist in thoracic medicine: papers incl corresp, research files, talks and lectures, patient records c1920-1998 (PP/RCA)
  • Margaret Ida Balfour, physician, author, CBE and Chief Medical Officer of the Women's Medical Service: family corresp c1869-2010 (PP/MIB)
  • Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake, physician: copy book of corresp, reviews and other writings c1884-1886 (MS.8204)
  • Grace Carteret, 1st Countess Granville: her recipe book of medicinal and culinary recipes c1662-1790 (MS.8903)
  • Carol Churcher, research technician: records rel to sequencing work at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute c1986-2005 (GRL/CHU)
  • Giordano Bruno Fliedner, physician: case notes and other material taken whilst studying in Paris in 1919, attending the clinics of Dr. Georges-Fernand Widal c1919 (MS.8935)
  • Michael Leighton Huntley Flindt, physician: papers rel to occupational and industrial health and diseases, illnesses and conditions 1960s-1980s (PP/FLI)
  • HP French, Wellcome Foundation sales representative: material collected by French during and rel to his time at the Wellcome Foundation Ltd as a medical sales representative 1948-1970 (MS.8841)
  • Dave King, sociologist: papers rel to research into transvestism and transsexualism 1970s-1990s (PP/KIN)
  • Michael Essex-Lopresti, Chairman of the Medical Film Appraisal Panel of the Scientific Film Association: papers rel to the BBC television programme "Your Life in Their Hands", and other medical broadcasts c1950-2005 (PP/LOP)
  • Henry A Sandford, physician: articles, cuttings, and corresp rel to Dr John Seale's theories on the origin of AIDS 1983-2013 (MS.8877)
  • John Sulston, biologist and Nobel Prize winner: papers rel to work at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and as founding director of the Sanger Centre, covering his work on cell lineage, the worm genome project and the Human Genome Project 1960s-2000s (PP/SUL)
  • Anthony Todd Thomson, physician, Professor London University: corresp 1817-1845 (MS.7715)
  • Frances Daisy Tustin, child psychotherapist: notebooks, observations and corresp c1951-1975 (PP/TUS)
  • Oliver M Wrong, lecturer and academic nephrologist: papers rel to research on specific kidney conditions, corresp, research notebooks, files arranged by patient, illustrative materials, memoirs, and lecture notes 1950s-2000s (PP/WRO)
  • Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists: minutes, ACC Bulletin, 'Human Chromosome' newsletter and papers rel to the foundation and dissolution of the Association 1979-2001 (SA/ACC)
  • British Association for Sexual Health and HIV: administrative records, minutes, conference proceedings, annual reports, incl records of its predecessor body, the Medical Society for the Study of Venereal Diseases c1930-2010 (SA/BAS)
  • Brook Advisory Centres: records rel to local Brook branches in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and further administrative files 1960s-2000s (SA/BRO)
  • International League Against Epilepsy: records incl awards, commissions, constitutions, newsletters, executive board papers, congress papers, and minutes 20th cent (SA/ILE)
  • International Society for Interferon and Cytokin Research: papers collected by the Archives Committee of the International Society for Interferon and Cytokin Research under the chairmanship of Norman Finter, incl personal accounts, corresp and photographs from individuals involved in interferon research 1955-2009 (GC/267)
  • Society of X-Ray Technology: records incl minutes, corresp, membership information and journals 1935-1990 (SA/SXT)
  • Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute: annual reports and audio-visual material c1994-2010 (GRL/SAN)
  • WH Foxhall, chemists, Tunstall: recipe and formulae book 1890s (MS.8896)
  • Manuscript Pharmacopeia: mid 17th century manuscript in Latin containing numerous receipts and family accounts c1650-1750 (MS.8873)
  • Pharmaceutical recipe book 19th cent (MS.8876)
  • Book of medical recipes indexed and kept in several similar hands with many of the recipes bearing attributions, some to well-known physicians 18th cent (MS.8910)
  • Medical manuscript by Michael Johann Liutlein Sattelknecht (Annalbach, 1614) focusing on obstetrics and gynaecology, with discussions on a wide range of other health issues 1614 (MS.8926)
  • Memoirs of National Service Medical Officers: incl typescripts, corresp, photographs, slides and publications c1940-2001 (PP/BLA)
  • Folding almanac in Latin containing astrological and calendrical data, incl a large miniature of the Zodiac man, in vellum MS.8932 (c1415-1420)