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Wellcome Library: 2011 Accessions

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  • John Pearson Bell: commonplace scrapbook rel to public health in Hull and Glasgow 1826-1887 (MS.8787)
  • Jack Wilson Boag, medical physicist: laboratory notebooks rel to career from 1947 onwards, with lecture notes, publications and material rel to radiation and dosimetry c1940-1999 (PP/JWB)
  • Norman Cowley, doctor, South Shields, Tyne and Wear: diaries rel to home visits, maternity visits and home births 1947-1979 (PP/COW)
  • Lt Wilhelm Felix Eberlie, surgeon and physician, Royal Navy : defence case papers rel to High Court case Shewry vs Maybury, alleged malpractice by Dr Maybury in treatment of an infant for syphilis, Southsea 1928-1929 (MS.8792)
  • Cornelia Elgood, physician, Egypt: corresp and papers rel to life and career 1874-1996 (PP/ELG)
  • George Fraser, geneticist: papers and digital papers rel to career incl paediatric conditions 1861-2011 (PP/GRF)
  • William, Grafton, mental health patient: diaries and papers rel to his experiences of mental illness incl conversations with Angel Gabriel, notes on Christian pioneers, events in Harrogate and death of father, James 1905-1939 (PP/WGR)
  • Lt-Col Desmond Rantzen Hanbury, Indian Medical Service, Persia and Iraq Force, general practitioner: official corresp and documents incl Malaria Survey of Iran and Iraq 1938-1948 (MS.8788)
  • Vaughan Harley, doctor, heart specialist: records rel to careers of Drs Vaughan and George Harley with material rel to family estate, Walton Hall, Bletchley c1845-1945 (PP/VBH)
  • Charles Harrison, doctor: notebook with details of treatments of soldier patients, incl diet and drugs, temperature and blood pressure 1883-1886 (MS.8762)
  • George Hirst, nurse: memoir (typescript) titled 'I was a nurse' rel to training in 1940s and career, with photograph c1940-1988 (MS.8772)
  • Kay Jackson, physiotherapist: papers rel to training and career c1920-1949 (PP/KJN)
  • Frank J W Lewis, cytogeneticist and haematologist: papers, corresp, patient notes and fluorescent photographs rel to research on chromosomal abnormalities, leukaemia and anaemia c1920-1970 (PP/FJL)
  • A G Malcolm, student of medicine: manuscript notebooks (2) incl lecture notes, case notes, clinical drawings and prescriptions rel to work at Meath Hospital, Dublin and Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh 1839-1842 (MS.8791)
  • Sir Robert McCarrison, nutritionist: papers incl album on thyroid gland and health, related corresp, draft papers, speeches, articles and glass lantern slides c1917-1939 (GC/205)
  • Lt-Col Muriel Newhouse, doctor: typescript memoir rel to service in Second World War, with biographical detail added in 2000 1945-2000 (MS.8766)
  • Vivien Nutton, professor of medical history: corresp rel to career 1985-1997 (PP/VIV)
  • Marcus Pembrey, clinical geneticist: papers rel to career incl Institute of Child Health, Medical Research Council, and Department of Health c1960-2011 (PP/MEP)
  • R Pigache, doctor: papers rel to schizophrenia research at Friern hospital, funded by Wellcome Trust 1970-1974 (MS.8771)
  • Robert Macdonald Shaw, doctor, Senior Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Health: papers rel to career incl hospitals and health services in Scandinavia, Gibraltar and North America c1950-1979 (PP/RMS)
  • Richard Smithells, professor of paediatrics: papers rel to work on Thalidomide incl the Thalidomide Trust c1960-1999 (PP/SML)
  • Elizabeth Warrington, neuropsychologist: papers rel to dementia c1960-1999 (PP/WAR)
  • Sunitha Wickramasinghe, haematologist: papers rel to haematology research and patients c1970-2005 (PP/SNW)
  • Edward T Williams, medical missionary: papers rel to career incl at Kuluva Hospital, Uganda on Kaposi's Sarcoma and Burkitt's Lymphoma c1940-1993 (WTI/EHW)
  • British Pharmacological Society: additional records incl minutes, project and subject files, awards, membership, education and public relations c1940-2011 (SA/BPS)
  • Canadian Forces Hospital: manuscript summary of patients admitted to Bramshott Military Hospital, No 9 Stationary Hospital, No 12 Canadian General Hospital 1915-1919 (MS.8774)
  • Foundation for Integrated Health (FIH): records rel to general administration, complementary health practice, organisations and framework 1993-2010 (SA/FIH)
  • Laboratory Technicians Oral History Project: papers and sound recordings; mostly 1998-2002, with additional material to c1940 c1940-2002 (SA/LTO)
  • British and Irish Orthoptic Society (BIOS): records incl minutes, registers, accounts, programmes and papers, course material, photographs, stereogram cards and tests, with early corresp and papers of Mary Maddox c1930-2009 (SA/OPS)
  • Physiological Society: papers and sound recordings rel to oral history project 1982-2009 (SA/PHY)
  • Thalidomide Society: records incl minutes, administrative documents and newsletters c1960-2005 (SA/TSY)
  • Thalidomide Trust: records incl minutes, administrative papers, with medical files rel to former beneficiaries (note some material closed for Data Protection) c1970-2005 (SA/TTT)
  • Wellcome Tropical Institute: records rel to administration and activities 1985-1990 (WA/WTI)
  • Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories: papers of H J Parish rel to work at laboratory, 1944-1961, with one later document 1944-1993 (WA/PRL)
  • Samuel Glass, apothecary doctor: casebook (attributed) with 20th cent transcript c1700-1799 (MS.8768-8769)
  • Phrenological Consulting Rooms, London: phrenological character assessments rel to Master Horace J Pullen and Mrs Pullen by Mrs Clitheroe c1820-1850 (MS.8757)
  • Memoirs of National Service medical officers: interview with Doctor Philip G Allen c2000-2011 (PP/BLA)