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Three women linking arms. Cat ref: Coal 80/673/013 Accessions to repositories
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West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale: 2007 Accessions

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  • Crossley family of Hebden Bridge: additional family, estate and business records 1620-1885 (WYC:1117)
  • Stocks family of Upper Shibden: records 1806-1867 (WYC:1351)
  • Reginald Horsfall, prisoner of war: papers c1914-1918 (WYC:1388)
  • Barrett Hill farm, Soyland: deeds 1737-1904 (WYC:1389)
  • Gaunts, solicitors, Bradford: clients' papers 1685-1955 (WYC:1356)
  • Halifax Building Society: additional records 1923-1986 (HXB:353)
  • W & R Hoyle, worsted spinners, Halifax: records 1850-1963 (WYC:1396)
  • Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Co: records 1888-1896 (CMT26)
  • Leonard Douglas Teal, printer, Northowram: records incl accounts c1946-1967 (WYC:1375)
  • Todmorden Gas Co: minutes 1863-1893 (CMT26)
  • Bethesda Methodist Church, Elland: additional records c1937-2003 (WYC:1287)
  • Blackley Cricket Club: records c1954-2002 (WYC:1364)
  • Bradshaw Cricket Club: records 1950s-2004 (WYC:1365)
  • Bridgeholme Cricket Club, Todmorden: records 1952-2006 (WYC:1371)
  • Brighouse War Memorial Nurses Endowment Fund: minutes 1921-1971 (CMT3)
  • Brighouse Boots for Bairns Fund: minutes 1928-1985 (CMT3)
  • Brighouse Children's Theatre: additional records c1947-1963 (WYC:1113/81)
  • Calderdale Inheritance Project: additional records 1970s-1990s (CIP:25-35)
  • Clifton United Methodist Church: cradle roll 1941-1969 (WYC:1217)
  • Copley Cricket Club: additional records 1864-2005 (WYC:1295)
  • Greetland Village Cricket Club: additional records 1920-1976 (WYC:1390)
  • Halifax Cricket League: additional records 1964-1989 (WYC:1344)
  • Halifax Ebenezer Methodist Circuit: circuit plans 1950-1963 (WYC:1386)
  • Halifax North Methodist Circuit: circuit plans 1963-1971 (WYC:1384)
  • Halifax Methodist Circuit: Manse Committee records 1973-2002 (WYC1368)
  • Halifax Rural District Council: register of building plans 1898-1937 (CMT6)
  • Halifax Art Society: records 1993-1996 (AS)
  • Halifax Orchestral Society: additional records c1930-1982 (MISC:955)
  • Halifax Borough Council: building registers and plans 1900-1974 (CMT1)
  • Halifax Methodist Circuit, Methodist Home Mission Fund: Circuit Treasurer's accounts 1963-1998 (WYC:1368)
  • Halifax Wesley Circuit: records 1880-1950 (WYC:1383)
  • Hebden Royd Urban District Council: building plans registers 1941-1974 (CMT8)
  • Hepton Rural District Council: registers of building plans 1936-1974 (CMT9)
  • Heptonstall Wesleyan Methodist Church: additional Sunday School records 1886-1922 (WYC:1370)
  • Heywood United Reformed Church, Northowram: records c1733-1988 (WYC:1398)
  • High Road Well Moor enclosure plan and award 1896 (CMT1)
  • Highgate Methodist Church, Halifax: records 1972-1993 (WYC:1366)
  • Hipperholme Urban District Council: building plans register 1928-1937 (CMT10)
  • Hipperholme Wesleyan Methodist Church: additional records 1871-1993 (WYC:1139)
  • Illingworth Moor Methodist Church: additional records 1879-1937 (WYC:1122)
  • Independent Order of Rechabites: Welcome Lodge no 1991, Lightcliffe: records 1886-1952 (WYC:1360)
  • King Cross Wesleyan Methodist Church, Halifax: additional records 1827-2007 (WYC:1369)
  • King Cross Wesleyan Methodist Church, Halifax: marriage registers 1869-2005 (WYC:1387)
  • Lightcliffe Congregational Church: additional records 1877-1975 (WYC:1284)
  • Luddendenfoot Urban District Council: records 1882-1937 (CMT11)
  • Northgate End Orchestral Society: additional records c1930-1982 (MISC:955)
  • Northowram enclosure plans 1779 (WYC:1362)
  • Ovenden enclosure records 1817 (WYC:1361)
  • Pellon Wesleyan Methodist Church, Halifax: additional records 1898-1944 (MISC:870)
  • Queensbury and Shelf Urban District Council: building plans registers (CMT18)
  • Southowram Methodist Church: marriage registers 1900-2004 (WYC:1397)
  • Sowerby Bridge Urban District Council: registers of building plans 1857-1974 (CMT22)
  • Sowood Methodist Church: records c1947-1978 (WYC:1376)
  • Stanningley Green County Junior School: records incl log books, punishment book and account book 1953-1982 (WYC:1409)
  • Todmorden Borough Council: Surveyor's Department: building control registers 1891-1974 (CMT26)
  • Todmorden Rural District Council: building plans 1925-1937 (CMT25)
  • Tuel Lane United Methodist Church, Sowerby Bridge: Trustees' minute book 1910-1956 (WYC:1392)
  • Brighouse Borough Council: building plans register c1895-1974 (CMT3)
  • Stansfield and Wadsworth deeds 1578-1803 (WYC:1372)