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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2004 Accessions

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  • John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, 1st Baron Acton, historian: notes and lectures 19th cent (MS Add. 9706)
  • Charles Cardale Babington (1808-1895), botanist and archaeologist: MS draft of 'The British Rubi' (a study of brambles) (MS Add. 9691)
  • Sir Joseph Barnby, musical composer and conductor: MS score 'Rebekah' 1870 (MS Add. 9664)
  • Richard Bradley, botanist: MS botanical lectures on the principles of vegetation c1724-1732 (MS Add. 9674)
  • Nora Kershaw Chadwick, historian of Celtic civilisation: letters to Professor JN and Mary Hillgarth 1960-1966 (MS Add. 9672)
  • John Henry Michael Cole, 5th Earl of Enniskillen: TS account of Florence Court (County Fermanagh) 1927 (MS Add. 9699)
  • John Harold Goodland, editor and environmentalist: diaries, corresp and literary papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9704)
  • Thomas Fiott De Havilland, military engineer and architect: papers rel to India and the East India Company 19th cent (MS Add. 9548 (addnl))
  • Joseph Holbrooke, composer: MS of the musical sketch 'Bells' c1905 (MS Add. 9668)
  • Thomas Mckenny Hughes (1832-1917), geologist: further papers (MS Add. 9557 (addnl))
  • Thomas Hugo, historian and preacher: Somerset botanical notebook c1838 (MS Add. 9690)
  • Robert Jackson, writer on medicine: MS 'Essay on monkshood, with an experimental inquiry into its properties' 1841 (MS Add. 9691)
  • Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston (1858-1927), explorer and colonial administrator: family corresp and papers c1861-1928 (MS Add. 9702)
  • Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes, surgeon and author: letters to Frank L Huntley 1949-1982 (MS Add. 9670)
  • Sir George Alexander Macfarren, musical composer: copyist's score of 'The Sleeper Awakened' 1886 (MS Add. 9665)
  • John Martyn, botanist: biographical collections on botanists, with MS 'Tabulae generum plantarum...' c1720-1765 (MSS Add. 9684-88)
  • Thomas Martyn, botanist: MS bibliography of botany c1772 (MS Add. 9689)
  • Hubert Stanley Middleton, teacher of music: music MSS (MS Add. 9707)
  • William Williamson Newbould, topographer and botanist: notes on editions of 'The Manual of English Botany' and other botanical notes c1862-1881 (MSS Add. 9677, 9696)
  • Richard Arthur Surtees Paget, 2nd Bt, barrister and philologist: autobiographical memoir (MS Add. 9671)
  • Charles William Phillips, fellow of Selwyn College, and Margaret Mann Phillips, fellow of Newnham College: corresp 1941-1945 (MS Add. 9673)
  • Lt-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers (1827-1900), anthropologist and archaeologist: catalogue of the library at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Farnham (MS Add. 9455 (addnl))
  • Edward Rose, playwright: letters from George Bernard Shaw 1889-1901 (MS Add. 9526)
  • Edmund Charles Rubbra, pianist and composer: MS score of 'The Beatitudes' c1960 (MS Add. 9708)
  • John William Salter, geologist: drawings and papers for CC Babington's 'The British Rubi' 1865 (MS Add. 9694)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: letters from Mother Margaret Mary, Superior of the Convent of the Assumption, and from the nuns of Stanbrook Abbey c1930-1967 (MS Add. 9700)
  • George Bernard Shaw, Author and Playwright: letters to Edward Rose 1889-1901 (MS Add. 9526)
  • Charlotte June Smith-Barry, daughter of the 3rd Earl of Enniskillen: volume of transcripts of Cole family letters 1894-1922 (MS Add. 9698)
  • Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, composer and conductor: MS score of the song 'My Land' c1911 (MS Add. 9667)
  • Anne Stevenson, poet: corresp and further literary papers c1990-2004 (MS Add. 9451(addnl))
  • George Szirtes, poet and translator: corresp, with some of his wife Clarissa Upchurch c1960-2000 (MS Add. 9703)
  • Nathaniel Wallich, botanist: MS list of dried plants in the East India Company Museum 1828 (MS Add. 9695)
  • Charles Wood, composer: MS of the song 'Jack and Joan' c1917 (MS Add. 9666)
  • Phoenix Assurance Co Ltd, London: ledgers 1932-96 and assignments, transfers, mortgages and other papers 1865-1985 1865-1996 (MS Phoenix PX (addnl))
  • Fifth International Botanical Congress: papers 1930 (MS Add. 9697)
  • CB Green, botanist: MS of 'The Flora of the Isle of Purbeck' c1911-17 (MS Add. 9678)
  • Ernest Farrow, botanist: MS of 'On the Ecology of the Vegetation of Breckland' 1915 (MS Add. 9681)
  • WCR Watson, botanist: notes for a revision of EF Linton's 'British Rubi' c1938-1939 (MS Add. 9680)