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Three women linking arms. Cat ref: Coal 80/673/013 Accessions to repositories
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Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 1998 Accessions

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  • William Almack, tea merchant in China: journal 1837-41 (Add 9529)
  • Lloyd James Austin (1915-94), Professor of French: corresp and papers (Add 9497)
  • Henry Francis Prevost Battersby, author and war correspondent: corresp and papers c1895-1910 (Add 9530)
  • Braybrooke cartulary, Northamptonshire c1400-50 (Add 9527)
  • Coke family of Weasenham: estate papers 13th-18th cent
  • Sir Christopher Cole, MP, captain: naval letterbook 1802-09 (Add 9492)
  • Charles Robert Darwin, naturalist: corresp and papers 1851-78 (DAR 185/124-25, 127-34)
  • Herbert Arthur Doubleday, publisher, historian and genealogist: letters to him incl from John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll c1900-30 (Add 9507)
  • Lionel Charles Dunsterville, Major General: papers and letters to his sister May c1876-96 (Add 9498)
  • John Ferguson, lieutenant: Indian journals 1769 (Add 9536)
  • Alfred Lockwood Gadd, schoolmaster, administrator and author as David Gadd: corresp and paper for his 'The Loving Friends: a portrait of Bloomsbury' 1974 (Add 9476)
  • Robert Glover, Somerset herald: 'Regula Aurea' notes on heraldry and precedents c1600 (Add 9532)
  • Frederick Gore, Royal Navy: letters to his mother 1818-27 (Add 8856/338-359)
  • Henry Duncan Grant, lieutenant: journal on HMS Pearl 1855-57 (Add 9531)
  • William Harvey, herald: alphabet of arms, continued by Gibbon Goddard c1560-95 (Add 9532)
  • HMS Harrier: log kept by one of the crew 1860-65 (Add 9538)
  • HMS Resolution, Empress of India and Talbot: logbook kept by midshipman HR Tickell 1896-98 (Add 9494)
  • HMS Veteran: log kept by Samuel Gordon, master's mate 1797-98 (Add 9517)
  • Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, botanist: letters to Sir Henry Barkly and from John Stevens Henslow 1843-77 (Add 9537)
  • Hubert Godfrey Houseman, clergyman: dairy of a tour to Tasmania, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and Canada 1913 (Add 9509)
  • Laurence Housman (1865-1959), poet: letters to Ida Northcote (Add 9506)
  • Alexander William Kinglake, MP, historian, traveller: letters to Edward Herries 1880-82 (Add 8856/330-337)
  • John Lee, lawyer and antiquary: letters to Robert Coster and related documents 1837-55 (Add 8856/360-370)
  • G Maclaren, naval surgeon: journals kept on ships in East and West Indies 1835-37 (Add 9528)
  • Eliza Meteyard, author: letters to her from antiquaries and literary figures 1844-63 (Add 9499)
  • William Pitt (1759-1806), statesman: copy correspondence and memoranda 1758-90 (Add 9493)
  • Edward Rose, playwright: papers and letters to him mainly from actors and writers c1880-1904 (Add 9526)
  • Royal Duke, East India Company ship: log kept by Bowater Sanderson, third mate 1747-50 (Add 9516)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and author: letter to Bryce Beaumont 1935 (Add 8856/329)
  • Beatrice Nancy Seear, Baroness Seear of Paddington: letters to her family 1932-35 (Add 9502)
  • William Simpson, artist and war correspondent: corresp and papers 1838-89 (Add 9515)
  • JJR Smythe, mining engineer: corresp and papers incl memoirs of life and work in South Africa 1889-1929 (Add 9504)
  • Anne Stevenson (b 1933), poet: literary papers (Add 9451)
  • Richard Gerard De Vere Thomas, private secretary to Major-General Sir Frederick Goldsmid: letters to his family 1871-72 (Add 9500)
  • Unnamed member of Trinity College, Cambridge: historical essay demonstrating the right of Charles I to the Crown 1625 (Add 9519)
  • Unnamed officer on ship Sir William Beasley: financial notebook 1816-17 (Add 9503)
  • Sir John Pollard Willoughby, Indian civil servant: letter book 1827-35 (Add 9518)