Digitised records

Over 80 million of our historical documents have been digitised and published online.

In 2013-14, visitors to Discovery and the services operated by commercial licensees together downloaded just over 200 million records.

UK Government Web Archive

The National Archives captures government information published online by regularly archiving UK government websites. Access to these digital records is provided through the UK Government Web Archive.
Our UK Government Web Archive now contains over three billion URLs and received more than 1.4 billion hits during 2013-14.

Since we started recording web traffic to the UK Government Web Archive, there have been over 1.7 billion redirected hits to the website. The number of redirected hits in 2013-14 was 310,849,271.

Traffic statistics are comprised of this redirected traffic and browse traffic. See a monthly breakdown of the total hits received by the UK Government Web Archive in the graph below. Content provided in this section is additional to that required by the Government's transparency commitments.

Visits and visitors to the UK Government Web Archive (XLS, 0.03MB)

Hits received by the UK Government Web Archive (XLS, 0.03MB)

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