Many members of staff at The National Archives are actively engaged in research. Below are some of the books, papers and articles produced by our staff in 2011.


Anna Bülow and Jess Ahmon. Preparing Collections for Digitization.  London: Facet, 2011.


Adrian Ailes, 'Research into English Medieval Rolls of Arms: Past, Present and Future' in T. Huthwelker, J. Peltzer, M. Wemhöner (eds.), Princely Rank in Late Medieval Europe: Trodden Paths and Promising Avenues (Stuttgart, 2011), 139-55

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Adrian Ailes and John Osborne, seminar on seals  to the Archivist and volunteers of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, at St George's (September 2011)

Nancy Bell, 'Developing Standards for the environment', The Science of Objects and Collections from the British Library, London, April 11, 2011.

Nancy Bell, 'Leaders of Change: Strategies for Meeting the Environmental Challenge', Presentation, Conservation2 = Preserving Collections x Our Environment  25th Annual Preservation Conference from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Hyattsville, March 16 - 17,  2011.

Nancy Bell, 'A Closer Look at Domesday: a technical update', Presentation, Domesday Now: new perspectives in Domesday studies conference from The National Archives, London, September 17, 2011.

Anna Bülow 'Preparing the 1911 Census for digitisation', Presentation, Celebrating the Census Conference from The National Archives, London, October 1, 2011.

Anna Bülow and Agnes Brokerhof.  "The QALY in collection care - a cost effectiveness approach to collection management."  Paper, 16th Triennial Conference from the International Council for Museums-Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC), Lisbon, September 19-23, 2011.

Sean Cunningham, 'The Yorkists at War: Military Leadership in the War with Scotland, 1480-82', Harlaxton Medieval Symposium on the Yorkist Age (July 2011)

Sean Cunningham, 'Dependence, Intolerance and Expulsion, c.1066-1290: The Story of England's Medieval Jews in the Records of the National Archives', Society for Jewish Study (September 2011)

Dinah Eastop, 'The Board of Trade Design Registers of 1842-1884: sources of information and inspiration.' Friends of the Museum of London, November 23, 2011.

Dinah Eastop, 'Exploring the potential of the Board of Trade Design Register', Paper, Annual Conference of the [UK] Textile Society: Textile Collections and the Sharing of Knowledge, Oxford, November 25-26, 2011.

Ann Fenech et al. 'Lifetime of Chromogenic Colour Photographs in Mixed Archival Collections,' Paper, 16th Triennial Conference from the International Council for Museums-Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC), Lisbon, September 19-23, 2011.

Lee Gonzalez, 'Understanding the effects of temperature and RH on parchment condition', Presentation, The Science of Objects and Collections from the British Library, London, April 11, 2011.

Lee Gonzalez, Understanding Ancient Parchments: How analytical Chemistry is used in Heritage Science, Presentation, Emerging Analytical Professionals conference, Kettering, May, 2011.

Gonzalez, Lee. 'Understanding the nanostructure of historical parchment; informing conservation practise' Presentation, IUPAC World Chemistry Conference, Puerto Rico, August,  2011.

Lee Gonzalez, 'Understanding collagen and gelatine interactions in parchment artefacts' Presentation, ACA training day, Flintshire, October, 2011.

Edward Hampshire, 'Colonial Development: TNA sources', York University (July 2011)

Edward Hampshire, 'Developments in TNA Contemporary Records', Centre for Contemporary British History Annual Conference (July 2011)

Edward Hampshire, 'Dag Hammarskjöld, the United Nations, and the End of Empire', paper on UN records held by TNA, University of London (September 2011)

Edward Hampshire, 'From East of Suez to East of Gibraltar: The Mediterranean and the Formation of the Mediterranean Strategy in 1968', British International History Group Annual Conference, University of Strathclyde (September 2011)

Edward Hampshire, 'Introduction to Twentieth Century Foreign Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office records', public talk, The National Archives (November 2011)

Edward Hampshire, 'The Development of Margaret Thatcher's Defence Policy', paper to the International History Seminar, Institute of Historical Research (November 2011)

Edward Hampshire, 'Using TNA Resources', talk to History MA course, Royal Holloway, University of London (October 2011)

Sarah Hutton, 'The Role of the Archivist', Kingston Centre for Public History (June 2011)

Sarah Hutton, 'A foul and putrid mass' - Public health records at TNA', Anglo American Conference (June 2011)

Sarah Hutton,  '"Anxiety, Dread and Disease": Port Health', Exeter Maritime Conference University of Exeter (September 2011)

Sarah Hutton, 'Anxiety, Dread and Disease: Health in Nineteenth Century Port Towns', public talk  delivered as part of The National Archives' Diversity Week (October 2011)

Sarah Hutton, 'Hidden Histories of Mental Health at  The National Archives', panel speaker at launch of Galton asylum photographs, University College, London (October 2011)

Andrew Janes, 'Exploding the Mysteries of the Bomb Census', TNA lunchtime talk (August 2011)

Andrew Janes, 'Make Do and Mend: Signposting the Unfindable on a Budget', British Cartographic Society Map Curators Group Workshop, York, (September 2011)

Valerie Johnson, 'Archives, Information Science and Research: Reality and Relevance', guest lecture to City University MA in Information Studies (November 2011)

Valerie Johnson, 'What's the Use? Postgraduate Research and Business Archives', presentation to postgraduate research event, Rothschilds Archive, London (December 2011)

Valerie Johnson and David Thomas, 'Does the Digital Change Anything?', paper to the Digital History seminar, Institute of Historical Research (November 2011)

Katy Mair, 'Readers and Plaintiffs: The Diverse Functions of the King James Bibles found in the National Archives', The Bible in the Seventeenth Century (the authorised version quarcentenary) conference, York University (July 2011)

Rose Mitchell and Bill Shannon, 'Maps Dialogue and Truth', Language of Maps Symposium, Bodleian Library, Oxford (June 2011)

Rose Mitchell, ' Architectural drawings at TNA', York University (September 2011)

Kostas Ntanos, 'Sustainable Collections Management', Presentation, OpenCulture Conference from the Collections Trust, Birmingham, June 7 - 8, 2011.

Kostas Ntanos,'Understanding the Environment in an Archive Store', Presentation, The Science of Objects and Collections from the British Library, London, April 11, 2011.

Ruth Roberts, 'Research and Academic Liaison at The National Archives', public talk, The National Archives (October 2011)

James Ross, 'A Governing Elite? The Power of the Higher Nobility, 1461-c.1500', Harlaxton Medieval Symposium on the Yorkist Age (July 2011)

James Ross, 'The Earl in England during the Long Fifteenth Century', The Earl in Medieval England conference, Jesus College, Oxford (September 2011)

Lara Speroni and Julie Sommerfeldt. 'Developing methods for conserving early stationary bindings: a parchment device to extend sewing supports',Paper, 12th International Congress from the International Association of Book and Paper Conservators (IADA), Berne, August 28 -September 2, 2011.

Juergen Vervoorst, 'Changing times - changing strategies', Round Table Discussion, Impact - redefining the measurement of collection care at The British Library, London, February 15, 2011.

A list of research from 2008 and 2007 can be found in the UK Government Web Archive.