Research strategies and priorities

Our research is guided by a number of research strategies and priorities. These reflect the diversity and complexity of our collections, the expertise of our staff, and our strategic aims and objectives as contained with Archives Inspire.

Our overarching research priorities are currently under review and will be published here in January 2018. These will be informed by the research reports and roadmaps detailed below.

Academic Engagement and Research Roadmap

The Academic Engagement and Research Roadmap (PDF, 0.15MB) is our strategic response to the recommendations of the Academic Scoping Study.

It gives an overview of how we will reinvigorate our academic engagement, increase our research capacity, and more effectively showcase staff expertise.

It details 29 practical steps to achieve these ambitions between 2016 and 2026.

Digital Research Roadmap

The Digital Research Roadmap (PDF, 0.2MB) responds to the recommendations in Digital Research Challenges at The National Archives, a scoping study carried out by Darryl Mead, Michael Moss and Norman Gray in 2015-16.

The Digital Research Roadmap is a strategic plan for the digital research that we will carry out as an organisation, individually or in collaboration, between 2016 and 2026.

It sets out why digital research is important to us, what our digital research priorities are, and how we will increase our capacity for digital research. It shows that research forms an essential part of our Digital Strategy 2017-2019.

Academic Scoping Study

We commissioned DJS Research to carry out an Academic Scoping Study (PDF, 1.10MB), delivered in March 2016.

Our business plan, Archives Inspire, identifies the academic community as one of our key audiences. We are working to reinvigorate our relationship with this audience, which is made up of individual academics, research organisations, funding councils and universities.

The scoping study examines the changes occurring across the academic landscape and recommends how these changes might provide new opportunities for us to work collaboratively with members of the academic community.

The roadmap also establishes the nature and extent of our current reputation among this audience.