Strategies and plans

The research we do at The National Archives reflects our business plan, Archives Inspire 2015-19; our Digital Strategy; and our vision for the archive sector, Archives Unlocked.

In addition, we have developed the strategies and plans below to shape our research as an Independent Research Organisation and the ways we engage with academic and research communities.

Research Strategy (PDF, 0.11MB)

The overarching strategy for our research.

Academic Engagement and Research Roadmap (PDF, 0.15MB)

A strategic response to the recommendations of the Academic Scoping Study (see below). It details how we will reinvigorate our relationship with the academic community and increase our capacity for research.

Digital Research Roadmap (PDF, 0.2MB)

A strategic plan for the digital research that we are carrying out as an organisation, individually or in collaboration. It sets out why digital research is important to us, what our digital research priorities are, and how we will increase our capacity for digital research.

Academic Scoping Study (PDF, 1.10MB)

Commissioned from DJS Research in 2015, this study recommended how we could develop our reputation as an Independent Research Organisation and meet the changing needs of academic and research communities.