Our current students

We support doctoral students across a range of disciplines by providing supervision and access to research facilities.

Most of our current students are funded through the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)’s Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) scheme.

  • Jack Avery (University of Bristol), ‘Satire, news and topical reading during the second and third Anglo-Dutch Wars, 1665-1675’, AHRC CDP studentship supervised by Dr Edward Holberton (University of Bristol), Dr Katy Mair (The National Archives) and Dr James Davey (National Maritime Museum), 2016-
  • Sam Cottrell (Royal College of Art), ‘Visualising historic time and visually representing uncertainty’, AHRC CDP studentship supervised by Dr Stephen Boyd-Davis (Royal College of Art) and Dr Sonia Ranade (The National Archives), 2014-
  • Sarah Dixon Smith (Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies, Imperial College London), ‘Blast injury pain: treatment and outcomes, a very long term cohort study’, supervised by Professor Andrew Rice and Dr Emily Mayhew (Imperial College London) and Dr George Hay (The National Archives), 2018-
  • Callum Easton (University of Cambridge), ‘The 1797 naval mutinies at Spithead and the Nore’, AHRC CDP studentship supervised by Dr Renaud Morieux (University of Cambridge), Dr James Davey (National Maritime Museum) and Bruno Pappalardo (The National Archives), 2016-
  • David Foster (University of London), ‘Aspects of trusts in Chancery: 1660-1840’, supervised by Professor Michael Lobban (London School of Economics) and Dr Amanda Bevan (The National Archives), 2013-
  • Ayshah Johnston (University of Newcastle), ‘Vagrancy and poverty in the post-emancipation Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-1900’, AHRC CDP studentship supervised by Dr Joan Allen (University of Newcastle), Professor Diana Paton (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Dan Gilfoyle (The National Archives), 2015-
  • James Lappin (University of Loughborough), ‘Managing email over time’, supervised by Dr Tom Jackson (University of Loughborough), Professor Graham Matthews (University of Loughborough) and Michael Appleby (The National Archives), 2015-
  • Carrie Long (Durham University), ‘“Yours Obediently, Sincerely and Humbly”? The social agency of petitioning, c. 1789-1860’, AHRC CDP studentship supervised by Dr Richard Huzzey and Professor Andrew Wood (Durham University), Dr Paul Carter and Katie Fox (The National Archives) and Dr Robert Blyth (National Maritime Museum), 2018-
  • Joshua McMullan (University of Leicester), ‘Defending Modernity? Communicating With the Public about Nuclear Energy: Historical Perspectives’, AHRC CDP studentship supervised by Dr Sally Horrocks and Dr Ben Clements (University of Leicester) and Dr Stephen Twigge and Dr Tim Powell (The National Archives), 2017-
  • Leontien Talboom (University College London), ‘Delivering digital data: humanities data practices’, AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award through the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, supervised by Dr Jenny Bunn and Professor Elizabeth Shepherd (University College London) and Dr Alec Mulinder (The National Archives), 2018-
  • Philip Webster (University of Sheffield), ‘Investigating methods for information exploration and discovery in big digital archives’, AHRC CDP studentship supervised by Dr Paul Clough (University of Sheffield), Tom Storrar (The National Archives) and Dr Sonia Ranade (The National Archives), 2015-