Voices of the Home Fronts programme announced

(Cat ref: INF 3 1476 B)The National Archives, together with the Everyday Lives in War Engagement Centre – on behalf of the five national World War One Engagement Centres funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council – is delighted to announce the programme for Voices of the Home Fronts, a three-day conference taking place at The National Archives, Thursday 8-Saturday 10 September.

Voices of the Home Fronts aims to explore life on the different Home Fronts of the First World War and those left behind, as well as exploring life in the immediate aftermath of the war. A call for papers has seen contributions from speakers comprising historians, enthusiasts, archivists and students, both nationally and internationally.

The conference will explore four major themes: life on the home front, dissent, aftermath of war and the unfamiliar, with topics including military tribunals, conscientious objection, prisoners of war, voluntary organisations, racial and ethnic experiences, life under bombardment, refugees, international home fronts, women’s employment, health, food, dissent, newspapers, literature, profiteering, advertising, fashion, family life and more.

Sessions will be interspersed with special performances, exhibitions and short film screenings, as well as the opportunity to discover related museums and organisations with a view to inspiring new research.

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