Refreshing our relationship with Arts Council England

Last month, The National Archives was visited by Darren Henley, the Chief Executive of Arts Council England.

During his visit, we revised our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and had the opportunity to discuss how we can build on our previous collaborative work to support the arts, cultural and archive sectors.

Our revised MoU marks a significant agreement: to allow archives and arts organisations to continue to partner on developing the connections between archives, the arts, museums and libraries.

There are lots of opportunities to better use collections, form greater partnerships, align Accreditation standards; share expertise and data, and develop collaborative approaches to sector sustainability.

Previous activities that The National Archives and Arts Council England have partnered on include:

  • issues affecting collections, including deaccessioning and collections at risk
  • Accreditation and Designation of archives and museums
  • Acceptance in Lieu
  • Archiving the Arts
  • collaborating with peers and other Arts Council England funded colleagues, such as Museum Development Officers to support specific archive services and key local developments.

See the revised MoU.

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