Cabinet Office files (CAB) – 1986

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Cabinet meeting minutes

Catalogue reference: CAB 128/83 (PDF, 141 MB) (digitised)

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CC (86) 1st Conclusions

Date: 9 January 1986

These are the minutes of the Cabinet meeting during which Michael Heseltine, Secretary of State of Defence, left the Cabinet, following a discussion about Westland Plc. A section of these minutes was published online by the Cabinet Office on 12 October 2010 following a decision by the First-Tier Tribunal (Information Rights).

CC (86) 15th Conclusions

Date: 15 April 1986

The Cabinet discuss the US air strikes on Libya (some of the American aircraft involved in this operation had flown from British bases). See also CC (86) 16th Conclusions, 17 April 1986.

CC (86) 18th Conclusions

Date: 1 May 1986

Nuclear Power Station Disaster in the Soviet Union: The Cabinet discuss the consequences of the accident at the complex of nuclear power stations at Chernobyl in Ukraine [this had occurred on 26 April, and had been confirmed by the Soviet Union official news agency, Tass, on 28 April]. See also CC(86) 19th Conclusions, 8 May 1986.

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