Cabinet Office files (CAB)

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AIDS Crisis

Home and Social Affairs Ctte. – AIDS and Official Committee on AIDS

Catalogue reference: CAB 134/51355137 and 52535254

Date: 1988

These files deal with the government’s response to the AIDS crisis touching on various elements of policy and planning. Included in the files are discussions of public education campaigns and their development and implementations, medical response and research, immigration issues, caring for HIV sufferers, support for misuse of drugs and educational videos on AIDS produced for secondary schools. Other issues discussed include AIDS in the armed forces, the financial implications of the AIDS crisis and the World Health Organisation summit on AIDS.


Defence and Oversea Policy Ctte: Sub-Committee on Terrorism: papers 1

Catalogue reference: CAB 148/277

Date: 3 September 1987

Defence and Oversea Policy Ctte: Sub-Committee on Terrorism: papers 1-2

Catalogue reference: CAB 148/288

Date range: 11-19 February 1988