More files from 1986-88 released

Map with locations of British Armed Forces in Germany

Map with locations of British Armed Forces in Germany between May 1986 – Apr 1987 (catalogue reference: PREM 19-2185)

Today we released more files from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet Office, spanning the years 1986-88.

The files are available to view in the public reading rooms at The National Archives, Kew. A selection of files has been digitised and can be viewed and downloaded using Discovery, our catalogue.

Highlights from the files

The newly released files shed light on a number of events discussed from 1986 to 1988, including the government’s response to the AIDS crisis (CAB 134/51355137 and CAB 134/52535254), the prime Minister’s visit to Poland (PREM 19/23852386) and the House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into the handling of press and publicity during the Falklands War (PREM 19/1883).

A larger number of files will be made available onsite at The National Archives and online throughout 2016.

See previously released files from 1986-88. You can also read about our other file releases by using the advanced search option on Discovery and putting in a the specific date range you are interested in.

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