Magna Carta on display at Great Lincolnshire Exhibition

Magna Carta, 1225 (catalogue reference: DL 10/71)

Magna Carta, 1225 (catalogue reference: DL 10/71)

Following on from the display in our Keeper’s Gallery, our 1225 Magna Carta will now form a central part of a summer-long exhibition in Lincoln.

The Great Lincolnshire Exhibition opens on Saturday 27 June and will feature the 1225 Magna Carta (DL 10/71) along with Lincoln Cathedral’s 1215 version.

Jeff James, Chief Executive and Keeper, The National Archives, is a co-curator of the city-wide exhibition devised by the Historic Lincoln Trust and which runs until Sunday 27 September.

Also on loan from The National Archives are:

The exhibition will contain around 150 loan exhibits ranging from paintings, watercolours and etchings, to maps, illuminated manuscripts, and letters. All the items have a connection with Lincolnshire in some way – whether it be a famous person, buildings or places, or the artists who created the works.

Items will be displayed across four venues, including the Usher Gallery, The Collection, the Medieval and Wren Libraries in Lincoln Cathedral, and at Lincoln Castle. You can buy a joint ticket for the castle and cathedral, but the majority of the exhibition will be displayed in The Collection and the Usher Gallery where admission will be free. Find out more about the Great Lincolnshire Exhibition.

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