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Conclusions of Cabinet Meetings 31-40 (1988)

Catalogue reference: CAB 128/91

34th meeting conclusions, 10 November 1988

Kings Cross Fire: ‘gross inadequacies in the management of London Underground and London Regional Transport’.

United States: the election of George Bush brought to the White House ‘a good friend of Britain and a strong dependable ally’.

Prime Minister’s visit to Poland – 5,000 people turned out too meet Margaret Thatcher at Gdansk, described by the PM as a ‘fascinating experience’. Thatcher pressed Mr Walesa [leader of Solidarity] to devise a clear a precise agenda of demands which would be hard for the Polish government to refuse.

35th meeting conclusions, 15 November 1988

Israel: it would be important to persuade the incoming US administration to apply pressure on the new Israeli government to accept a settlement based on land for peace.

37th meeting conclusions, 1 December 1988

Ireland: extradition of former Catholic Priest and alleged IRA member, Patrick Ryan, ‘contained all the ingredients for a major political dispute’. The behaviour of Irish Authorities had ‘sapped confidence in their willingness to combat terrorism’.

39th meeting conclusions, 15 December 1988

Clapham rail accident: initial reports indicated that 33 dead and 133 injured. Need to establish an inquiry as soon as possible expressed, as ‘already signs of a search for scapegoats’.

Ireland: Cabinet informed that Irish Ministers ‘acutely embarrassed’ over Ryan affair. HMG would now ask Irish authorities to review extradition legislation. Anglo-Irish Agreement provided forum ‘for blunt speaking when required.’

40th meeting conclusions, 22 December 1988

Lockerbie: reason for plane crash unclear; it was ‘essential that the cause of the disaster should be identified as soon as possible.’

Most confidential records: CC (88) 6th Conclusions minute 6; CC(88) 35th Conclusions minute 5

Catalogue reference: CAB 128/92

This file contains two papers on economic strategy and The Queen’s Speech.


Catalogue reference: CAB 129/222

Majority of the file contains the 1987 Defence Estimate ‘which has a strong nuclear flavour’ and sets out the case for the independent deterrent and UK acquiring Trident rather than the alternatives.