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Communist Activities in Universities & Colleges

Cambridge University; Socialist Club; Minute Book 1928-1935, aliases CUSS, Labour Club

Catalogue reference: KV 3/442
Date range: 1 January 1928–01 January 1935
This file has been digitised.

This file consists of a colour photocopy of the 1928-1935 Minute Book of the Cambridge University Socialist Society (CUSS), formerly the Cambridge University Labour Club, for the years 1928 to 1933. Maclean was elected a committee member during his first year at Cambridge in 1931 and later put in charge of CUSS publicity at a boisterous meeting where Q ‘Members created a precedent in Cambridge by singing the Internationale and other songs vociferously.’ In 1932 Philby was elected treasurer of the Society and remained in active contact with it after graduating in 1933. A committee meeting in March 1934 discussed a letter from Philby, then in Vienna, appealing for help for persecuted Austrian workers. Guy Burgess was one of two CUSS militants put in charge of raising money for Philby’s appeal.

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