Beta launch of redesigned records web pages

Screenshot of the beta version of Help with your research

Screenshot of the beta version of Help with your research

Today we are launching the beta version of the redesigned Records section of our website, now called Help with your research. The new design aims to provide people with clear routes in so that they can get the help they need with their research. While we have started with over 300 research guides, we will continue to add the few remaining pages from this section into beta over the coming months.

We carried out extensive user research throughout this project to ensure that users’ needs are at the heart of the new design, including online surveys and one-on-one sessions in London and Bristol. We wanted to bring the design of site up to date and to make it usable no matter what you are using, from smartphone to smart TV, so the pages are now responsive to any device. Other key changes include 11 new categories, so users should have a better sense of where to go for the records advice they need, and an access indicator, which shows whether records are available online.

We will continue to listen to your feedback and evaluate the new designs during the beta phase. Beta means that we are releasing a working version for the public to use and give feedback on. There may be some things which are not fully working, and it is our chance to iron any issues out before we release these pages live.

To find out more about the redesign process, and to let us know what you think, read our blog post and leave comments in the comments section underneath.

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