A Year in Archives 2014-15

Today we have published A Year In Archives, which showcases some of the amazing achievements from the archives sector during 2014-15.

This year we have brought it to you at the half way point of Explore Your Archive week. Today, as part of the wider celebration of archives on social media, archives will be sharing their stories from the past year.

Follow #YearInArchives to discover day-to-day work, collaborative projects and inspiring ways that record collections have been opened up.

Archives are the history of our nation; they define our present and inform our future. The records they hold are not simply a paper and digital trail of the history of the UK. They contain shared histories – that is: they are records that help to tell the story of places and people across the world.

On a local level they tell the story of a community and help bring people together. They can also be invaluable in the pursuit of justice and accountability. Archives are boxes of treasures. They can help and inspire you to tell your story in a creative and touching way.

Discover the inspiring and collaborative work that has taken place across the archive sector throughout 2014-15.

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