In general, we release new descriptions gradually so that information becomes searchable as soon as possible. To restrict catalogue searches to a particular project, type its series reference (for example,  HO 47) into the last box of the catalogue search page. Once you have found something interesting, you can visit The National Archives in person, or order a copy of the record.

View Cataloguing projects 2009/10 for projects completed by March 2010.

Cataloguing projects finished in the financial year up to 31 March 2011

Admiralty Card Index (Second World War Convoy Project), ADM 1, ADM 199, ADM 217 and ADM 237

Convoy information from index cards previously only available at Kew has been added to the online catalogue for these record series.

Royal Navy Medical Journals, ADM 101

Funded by the Wellcome Trust, this project was completed in June 2010, having catalogued over 1,200 journals prepared by medical officers of the Royal Navy between 1793 and 1880. See an example by browsing the Catalogue from ADM 101/148.

BJ 7 Fitzroy Papers

Using information provided by a paper finding aid, enhanced descriptions have been added to the online catalogue for 1011 files (BJ 7/60-1070). This private paper collection traces the early history of meteorology and contains vital information on historical weather conditions, which could help predict current weather patterns and the impact of global warming.   

BT 31 and BT 34 Board of Trade: Companies Registration Office

Re-using data from sister series BT 31 (Files of Dissolved Companies), over 50,000 new descriptions have been provided for previously blank items in series BT 34 (Dissolved Companies, Liquidators' Accounts).

Additional work to correct minor errors, blank entries and enhanced date information has also been carried out for BT 31.

Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings 1714 to 1758 (C11) and 1758 to 1800 (C12)

Data for these two large series has been rearranged into numerical order, restoring descriptions to relevant levels and adding new searchable information. The Bernau notebooks have been a prominent source for the project.

Court of Chancery: Petty Bag Office, C211 - Commissions and Inquisitions of Lunacy

The first half of this series was previously only accessible via a manuscript index which has now all been turned into searchable catalogue entries.             

Datasets online

Previously hosted by the National Digital Archive of Datasets, a number of searchable descriptions to accompany 65 datasets have been added to the Catalogue, covering several record series across various government departments. Frequently large in size, the datasets themselves can be found in DocumentsOnline in the UK Government Web Archive.

ED 35 Secondary Education, Institution files

The provision of school name and details together with a number of minor improvements now available for the entire series (7149 pieces).

Foreign Office Indexes 1921 Pilot Project

Covering general and other correspondence, this was a pilot project scheme to enhance TNA's catalogue by using information in FO 409. 1,671 pieces in FO 371, another 526 pieces in other series, and FO 409/5-8 have been improved through the creation of new searchable items. Other series to benefit are F0 369, FO 370, FO 372 and FO 395.

Home Office: Registered Papers, HO 45

Entries for 3,683 blank and undated descriptions (mostly for the period 1841-1871) have now been uploaded for online searching.

INF 9: The Dixon Scott Collection

We have created over 14,000 new item descriptions with searchable data and geo-references for these inter-war, topographical photographs of the British Isles. The collection has also been digitised and is also available using a geographic interface in our UK history photo finder on Labs.

MH12: Living the Poor Life project

A volunteer cataloguing project providing descriptions of 20 areas (22 poor law unions) across England and Wales. See more information in the UK Government Web Archive. This includes Poor Law Commission correspondence, a volunteer pilot project relating to Southwell (pieces MH 12/9524-9534).

Photographs Catalogue

Incorporation into their specific online Catalogue entries across various series in various departments of nearly 6,700 photographic descriptions previously only available in paper format in the reading rooms as a six-volume supplementary finding aid index. This has increased access to these photographs by allowing users to search online and also to potentially order copies of photographs without visiting The National Archives.

MT 6: Ministry of Transport and successors, Railway Divisions: Correspondence and Papers

A data adequacy project moving file number information from Former Reference into the scope and content description. This has improved searchability.

MT 78: Highways: Stopping Up Orders

The entire series has now been catalogued: a total number of 382 pieces and 14,524 orders, mostly accompanied by maps. A large number are also accompanied by seals. The series covers England and Wales only. MT 78 records form an extensive analysis of the post war road structure of England and Wales, showing how the geography of the country was affected by the relative decline of the railways and by the intensive road and motorway building programme from the 1950's onwards.

Records of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain

Various descriptive improvements of over 7,200 items across many OS series (OS 2, OS 4, OS 6, OS 7, OS 17, OS 23, OS 34, OS 25, OS 28, OS 30, OS 37, OS 38, OS 30 and OS 40).

Board of Trade Railway Department and Ministry of Transport: Project to catalogue railway accident reports, RAIL 1053/51-161

Staff and volunteers at TNA have catalogued a total of 7,328 railways accidents between 1853 and 1975, a clear run covering 122 years and 110 accident reports. In RAIL 1053 you will find a large number of accidents listed, some involving fatalities. The reports cover England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


The website project was initiated in 2009/10 to incorporate into the Catalogue the websites which have been crawled and accumulated over several years in the UK Government Web Archive. To date, 2,416 websites have been crawled. This figure will increase, with new government websites being incorporated into The National Archives' Catalogue as business as usual following regular crawls.

Royal Hospital, Chelsea: Discharge Documents of Pensioners, WO 121, WO 119

A volunteer cataloguing project to make post 1782 certificates of service and related correspondence searchable by name. Enhanced descriptions in WO 119 complement series WO 97, which contains similar material for Chelsea Hospital for the period 1760-1913.

Fourteen volunteers from The Friends of The National Archives have catalogued the records of 20,521 soldiers, many of whom served in more than one regiment or even in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or on merchant ships. These records are now in the process of being digitised by Findmypast in conjunction with The National Archives. 

C 3: Court of Chancery, Six Clerks Office, Pleadings, Series II, Elizabeth I to Interregnum

A total of 46,000 entries have been expanded in the Catalogue, thanks to the Friends of TNA

E 179 Hearth Tax

Hertfordshire is now complete. The work was carried out by a supervised volunteers and the new information released onto the Catalogue under E 179/121/349.