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About document 37

This document is an Act of Parliament for amending the road from Falmouth to Marazion in Cornwall, dated 1760.

(Catalogue reference: C 65/739 membrane 2)

The first part of the document appears in the online tutorial as Document 10. The second section, shown here, gives the names of those trustees present. The clerical titles and university degrees of some are given.

Please note:

  • The document is written in Chancery hand.
  • The surnames are more or less alphabetical, beginning with 'A' and going through to 'D' (this will help you to identify the first letter).
  • Some of the men have university degrees, which are recorded as initials after their surnames: 'DD' is a Doctor of Divinity; an 'LLD' is a doctor of law and an 'MD' is a doctor of medicine.
  • Other men are recorded as clerks, or as the junior members of their respective families.


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