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About document 20

This document is a parliamentary survey commissioned by trustees of Crown lands and fee farm rents of houses in Evesham, dated September 1650.

(Catalogue reference: E 317/WORCS/5 folios 1-2)

In 1649, after the execution of Charles I, Parliament appointed trustees to sell Crown estates. To establish the extent and value of the estates prior to a sale, a parliamentary survey was commissioned. Two copies of each survey were produced: one for the trustees and the other for the Surveyor General. This survey is signed by five of the trustees including the Surveyor General, William Webb.

Please note:

  • The document is written in a mixed hand. An italic script is used in line 8 'Parliam[e]nt'.
  • 'Com', in line 6, should be transcribed here as, Com[mission]
  • The first name in line 39, is Jegon Mandeville


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